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Meddler displaying the Ceefax Holidays page.

Teletext Meddler is a teletext level 1.0 editor written in C# for Windows systems. It is designed to help restore pages that have been recovered from VHS and similar lossy media.


  • Supports all the level 1.0 character sets
  • Supports alpha/graphical black control codes (off by default)
  • Can automatically extract all variations of a checksum for a given page
  • Load and save any number of pages into a single .t42 file
  • Export any page to a PNG image


Teletext Meddler was originally conceived in late 2019 as a program that could calculate the checksums of teletext pages. A basic viewer was added, which could allow control codes to be shown. This was then expanded into a full-blown editor.

Its name comes from the way it always re-orders pages upon saving, to ensure all copies of P100 appear before P101 etc., i.e. it meddles with your file.

The program was rewritten in 2020 to create the “Second Edition”. It is considerably faster at rendering pages, requires less memory, and fixes many bugs.