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Editor demonstrating level 2.5 features
An early version of the teletext editor

Development of the zxnet.co.uk online teletext editor began in 2016, heavily inspired by edit.tf.

The editor stores all the data for the page being edited in the URL fragment identifier in the same format developed in edit.tf. As higher level features were added to the editor, a method of appending additional data while remaining backwards compatible with edit.tf was developed.

The teletext rendering component was broken out as a modular component in 2017 to create the zxnet.co.uk online teletext viewer.


The editor supports all character sets defined in the teletext specification (Arabic text entry not currently supported) and the user interface language can be set to English, German, or Welsh. The editor has mappings for multiple keyboard layouts.

Text pasted into the editor tab is wrapped to fill the page (or a smaller 'editing area' if selected). The editor also supports copy and paste of rectangular selections between instances.


Pages can be imported from ep1, tti, t42, and raw 40×25 character binary formats.

Pages can be exported as:

Level 1.5+

The editor has built-in support for level 2.5 colour remapping and palette definition.

Level 1.5 and 2.5 local enhancement data is supported by the rendering engine but must currently be edited using external tool.