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QTeletextMaker is a free and open-source teletext page editor, written with the cross-platform Qt 5 widget toolkit but should also be compatible with Qt 6. On Linux it can be compiled from the source available on GitHub, and periodically a Windows executable is released.


The editor has an emphasis on Level 2.5 enhancement editing.

It features a fully interactive X/26 Local Enhancement Data triplet editor, allowing one to enter triplets and see the enhancement effects immediately. Additionally there is a box allowing editing of X/28 enhancements such as Default Screen or Row Colours and CLUT remapping, and a palette editor.

Other features:

  • Load and save teletext pages in TTI format.
  • Can import and export single pages in t42 format.
  • Can export a single page as a PNG image or to the edit.tf and zxnet online page editors.
  • Undo and redo of editing actions.
  • Configurable zoom.
  • View teletext pages in 4:3, 16:9 pillar-box and 16:9 stretch aspect ratios.

The editor is bundled with some example pages demonstrating some aspects of Level 2.5 teletext and allowing one to get an idea of how X/26 enhancements are laid out and applied.